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Delicious Lunch Boxes

Nothing beats the taste of home – savour our chef-prepared homemade lunch boxes! Yum Yum!

Make your Smoothie!

Learn how to make your own smoothie and enjoy it right after class!

Taekwando Defence Techniques

Learn and punch your way through with our new Taekwando moves class (no contact of course!)

Corporate Discounted Products

From your favourite post lunch snack to new workout attire, we have exclusive contracts with vendors to bring these products to you at special corporate discounted rates!

Lunch Learns

Lunch breaks are so important, yet always seem too short. Maximise your time by attending our crafted lunch sessions – such as learning how to cook a healthy meal in an hour!

Sweat It Out!

Conclude your day in the office by burning those extra calories and seat out the stress through our zan hatha yoga or heart pumping cardio workouts!

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